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5G – Electrosmog and health

5G – Electrosmog and health

Swisscom will launch the 5G network by the end of 2018. Find out here why it is important and whether there are risks involved with the new generation of mobile communications.


The global research and development of the 5th generation of mobile communications is forging ahead at a fast pace. Swisscom will launch the 5G network in Switzerland at the end of 2018. This development is particularly vital to industry in establishing new production sites – and to Switzerland as it pitches for new industries to come and settle here. At the same time, the latest mobile technology enables faster speeds, higher capacities and shorter reaction times.


Within all these positive developments, however, does the new generation of mobile communications also carry risks?


Swisscom engages intensively with the issues of electrosmog and health. The latest generation of mobile communications also uses high frequency electromagnetic fields. However, 5G is not fundamentally different from the older 3G (UMTS) or 4G (LTE) technologies. 5G will also be initially operated in the same frequency ranges as its predecessors. The results of numerous studies on UMTS and/or LTE signals are therefore still valid in principle. Based on these studies – and there are thousands of them – there is no scientific evidence of any danger with the current limits. Limits have been set to protect people from any health problems posed by the new frequency ranges above 6GHz that 5G will also use.



10 times stricter than in neighbouring European countries


Because 5G technology has only now been fully defined, no studies have yet been carried out into the 5G signal structure. However, research will undoubtedly continue into specific 5G signals. The limits in Switzerland are 10 times stricter than in neighbouring European countries in principle and there are also additional stringent measuring and evaluation methods for mobile communication masts that make the limits even more restrictive in reality.


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