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Why the TV-Box from Swisscom switches off automatically

Why the TV-Box from Swisscom switches off automatically



Have you noticed that your TV-Box from Swisscom switches off automatically if you haven’t used the remote control for a while, or if you only switch off the TV without also switching off the TV-Box? Read on to find out how this works and how to deactivate the function. 


The TV-Box is preset to go into standby mode if it has been idle for a long period. This means that the TV-Box from Swisscom will automatically go into standby if you haven’t pressed a button on the blue TV remote control, or if you only switch off the TV, instead of switching off the TV-Box as well. If a programme is running on your blue TV, the TV-Box from Swisscom will switch to standby mode after 4 hours, or after 12 hours in radio mode.


Switching off standby mode

To stop the box switching to standby mode after being idle for a long period, go to the TV-Box settings by pressing the Home button on your blue TV remote and selecting the cogwheel in the top left. Go to the ‘TV-Box’ tab and select ‘Save energy’. You can choose whether or not you want the TV-Box to switch off automatically here.


Note that many television sets also have this type of integrated automatic standby mode. You will find more information in the user guide for your television set, the Internet or from a specialist retailer. 


Swisscom Box 21 with DeepStandby

The latest model in the TV-Box range – Swisscom Box 21 – does not have an on/off button. Like all the other boxes, if you switch it off with your remote control, it switches to standby mode automatically. However, in the settings, you can choose for the TV-Box to instead switch to DeepStandby mode, which switches off the box almost completely, similar to using an on/off button. In DeepStandby mode, the box uses just 0.35 W of electricity. To do this, press the home button on your blue TV remote control, go to the cogwheel icon in the top left and select TV-Box > Save energy > Standby.

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