Why is the order of channels on blue TV changing?

Why is the order of channels on blue TV changing?

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How to go back to the old channel list:

  • Click on "TV Guide" on your remote control
  • Click on the "Option" button (also on your remote)
  • On your TV Screen select "Change channel list"
  • Select "TV Channel List 2019" (also on your screen)
  • You've switched back to your old list


1. Click on "TV Guide" or "guide" on your remote control.1. Click on "TV Guide" or "guide" on your remote control.2. Click on the "option" button (also on your remote).2. Click on the "option" button (also on your remote).3. On your TV Screen select "Change channel list".3. On your TV Screen select "Change channel list".4. Select "TV CHANNEL LIST 2019" (also on your screen).4. Select "TV CHANNEL LIST 2019" (also on your screen).




Recently blue TV changed the default order of TV and radio channels; positioning Swiss channels first and grouping by genre. This article explains why Swisscom is doing this and the advantages of this new ordering.


The new ordering from 24 June ensures better positioning for Swiss channels in particular. In addition, the pay TV channels will now be grouped by genre, meaning that documentary channels or movie channels, for example, will now all be grouped together. Frequently watched channels will also move closer to the top of each genre. This will definitely make it easier for you to find your favourite channels.


Don’t be startled by missing channels

Please don’t be put off by any gaps that you now see in the numbering. Swisscom is leaving spaces free to allow future channels to be slotted in according to their genre.  You will hardly notice the gaps in any case when zapping through.


Simply switch to the new channel list – and back again

As soon as the new channel list is available, you will see an information message on your blue TV screen. You can then decide whether you would like to continue using the existing list or switch to the new one. You can also choose to switch to the new channel list and then return to the previous one at any time in the future.


Swisscom-TV-channellist.jpgIf you do not see an information message after 24 June, you must have already activated a personal channel list or be using a slightly older TV-Box (HD). If you would, however, like to use Swisscom’s new default channel list, you can activate it in the settings. Simply select TV Guide on your remote control and then choose ‘Change channel list’. You can then choose between your own list and Swisscom’s default list.


You can now view and print the new channel lists here.

> to the german channel list

> to the french channel list

> to the italian channel list


If you don’t like the channel sequence, you can create your own list of channels in the My Swisscom Customer Center. Now, only the customised sequence of the channels you selected will be displayed. Find out more


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I don’t get the option to change the channel list. Spent a lot of time searching for the new channel numbers for BBC. 😳😰

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Me too. They start at 700 now.

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It is in one word, annoying.  Is it me or Swisscom just changes the order of channels regularly?

You just get used to the new channel lay-out and a year later BOOM! "Hey! you know what, we just changed the lay-out again, enjoy!". "Ah also before we forget, you know whatelse, we haven't set up a pop-up message on your TV/Swisscom box to be shown, so enjoy the first 5 minutes of confusion. I must say our team believed it is more fun if you figure out where your favorite channels moved to manually (most likely to 6 digit area), if you give up zapping through, try to google a solution, maybe your favorite show came to an end in the meantime but hey, it was fun at the end no?"


Community Manager

The list of channels is now directly available. A login to the Swisscom customer centre is no longer necessary.

We have also adapted the link in the article.


Thank you for your understanding and sorry to all who had problems with the customer center login.


Below the different channel lists. Chose the one according to your selected language package:


> to the german channel list

> to the french channel list

> to the italian channel list

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If you have kindly created clusters by language is there a chance you guys get one in English? 

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As annoying the official channel lists are - especially for speakers of a foreign language that don't have their favourites within the top 20 - there's a solution. Swisscom has offered ever since the option to create personal line-ups. These never get messed up and you can create up to five of them.


It works best on the web - thanks to the wizardry of dragging and dropping.
Just enter your personal customer center and have a go at it.




If you've got a bit more time at hand you can also do it on the box right in front of your telly.

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As these lists mostly consist of numbers and channel acronyms and such it makes little sense to get an English version.
CNN is called CNN all over the world.


The reason why Swisscom offers three lists in Italian, German and French lies in the fact that their boxes have lined-up the channel according to the Swiss language regions. The lady from Zurich has German Channels line-up first, the gentleman in Geneva gets French on his remote first and so forth. That's all the mistery behind the "language packages" IvanH is talking about.


If you need to compare your new line-up I suggest you stick to the list in that language that is spoken mostly around your place of living in Switzerland. You should be save then.

There could be exceptions to that rule of thumb if a customer went for another language package once he signed his initial contract online or in a Swisscom shop. But these are rare.

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@lebowski thank now clear and easy 2 use

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Apparently the ability to use a customized channel listing is now limited only to users of TV Blue who are accessing through a TV box, but not to those of us who mostly use TV Air on mobile devices.  After waiting on hold for 30 minutes, I had a very nice Swisscom rep tell me that the higher-ups want to reserve some capabilities for TV box users only -- presumably to force people to buy more than one box if they regularly use TV Air in another part of the house.   Extremely annoying.  TV Air also no longer allows for people to record programs - now can only be done via the TV box.  Grrrrr.  Technology moving backwards in the service of trying to rake in more money...