What the blue TV abbreviations and icons mean

What the blue TV abbreviations and icons mean

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Are you familiar with the abbreviations FSK, OV and SD? Maybe you have noticed them before? You will have seen them if you have blue TV. Abbreviations are pointless if you don’t know what they mean so we have put together the list below to help.


Age recommendation

FSK 0, SVV 6, TCE 10: Three abbreviations that all mean the same; they are all age recommendations for the protection of minors. The number after the abbreviation is the minimum age recommended for the person watching the content. The age recommendations are made by different committees which is why they have different names:

- FSK <age>: Freiwilligen Selbstkontrolle der Filmwirtschaft (FSK, Self-Regulatory Body of the Movie Industry) (Germany)

- SVV <age>: Schweizerischen Video-Verband (Swiss Videogram Association) (Switzerland)

- TCE <age>: Teleclub recommendation where there is no FSK or SVV information available.


There are also programmes with no age recommendation where the broadcaster has not specified one.


Original language with and without sub-titles

These details mainly apply to video on demand programmes:


>German Store:

- OV: Original language (original version), without sub-titles

- OmU: Original language with German sub-titles


>French Store:

- V.O.: Version originale (equivalent of OV in French Store)

- VOST: Original version with sub-titles (equivalent of OmU, with sub-titles in French)


>Italian Store:

- V.O.: Versione originale (equivalent of OV in Italian Store)

- V.O. / sott.: Original version with sub-titles (equivalent of OmU, with sub-titles in Italian)


Language and audio format

The abbreviations CH, RM, DE, ES, EN, IT, FR etc. show the broadcast language. The audio format is also added where this available: e.g. "CH 5.1: Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack available". The audio format icons are:





Abbreviations are also used for the picture resolution:

- SD: Standard Definition

- HD: High definition

- UHD: Ultra-High Definition

- HDR: High Dynamic Range (HDR10 for video content / HLG [Hybrid Log-Gamma] for live TV content)

- 3D: Content is broadcast in 3D (3D glasses required)



The following icons help you see the accessibility of TV content:





Do you want to record a programme or watch it later? The following icons help you get started:





If you would like recommendations from the blue TV editorial team, the following icons will help: EN4.JPG

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