Watch Swisscom TV air on more than one device

Watch Swisscom TV air on more than one device

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With Swisscom TV air, you can watch TV on more than one device, such as your tablet, PC/Mac or smartphone. Read on to find out what you need to bear in mind.


You can manage your Swisscom TV air devices yourself in the Swisscom Customer Center. To do so, go to the “Settings & Services” column in the Customer Center and click “Swisscom TV” -> “My Devices”.




With TV Air, premium content (i.e. paid content such as channel packages, rental or purchased films and serials, sports events) can be viewed on up to 4 different devices at the same time. When premium content is played, the devices in use are automatically registered and set to active.


What counts as a device?

Smartphones, tablets and PCs/Macs all count as devices. This does not include Swisscom TV Boxes in the same household. All mobile devices are entered on a list and the most recently used device is always at the top. Important for PC/Mac users: Only one device will be registered, regardless of the number of Internet browsers used.


What is paid content? 

“Paid content” is any content that can be purchased and broadcast in encrypted format, such as VODs, sports events and channels. In addition to premium packages that can be purchased, such as Teleclub Cinema, Cine+, etc., some encrypted channels are part of the usual Swisscom line up and are normal Swisscom TV channels. You will not be aware that they are encrypted, as your subscription (Plus/L, Basic/M, Light/S) determines whether or not you have these channels. Examples include AXN, FOX and Discovery Channel. You will notice if a channel is encrypted the first time you activate the device that you are using to view TV Air and then play one of these channels. It takes about 10 seconds for the picture to come on-screen, as this is the time needed to automatically register the device or to set it to “Paid content active”.


When does a Customer Center entry change from “Paid content inactive” to “Paid content active”?

Whenever you log in with a device, an entry is automatically created stating “Device XY”, “Login date” and “Paid content inactive”. As soon as you play paid content on the device, the inactive entry in the Customer Center changes to active. Alternatively, you can activate or deactivate one or more devices yourself in the Customer Center.


What happens if I reach the maximum number of devices (4)?

If you reach the maximum number of devices, the following message appears on each additional device:

Unfortunately, you have reached the maximum number of devices permitted for playback. If you wish to watch the programme on this device, it will be registered (set to active in the Customer Center) and the oldest device (i.e. the device at the bottom of the list in the Customer Center) will be removed from your list of playback devices (i.e. it will be set to inactive). This process is regarded as switching (further explanation below).


What can I do if I have reached the maximum number of devices?

The following applies when switching devices for premium content: a maximum of three devices may be switched within a three-month period (=90 days). At the end of the three-month period, you are permitted to switch a further three devices during the following three months. If you receive a message informing you that you have reached the maximum number of registered devices, upon confirmation, the current device will be registered automatically and the oldest deactivated, provided that another switch is permitted. In addition, you can manage your registered devices in the Customer Center.


What happens if I deactivate a device? 

If you deactivate a device in the Customer Center, it disappears from the list. If the device was previously active, it will be inactive the next time you log in and will not be recognised as the same device, i.e. one of the four spaces for registered devices will be taken. Therefore, we only recommend deactivating a device if it is stolen.


What happens if I have used up all three switches?

If all three switches have been used, the following message appears:

Unfortunately, you have reached the maximum number of devices permitted for playback and you are not permitted to switch any further playback devices. If you wish to watch this programme, you will need to use one of the recently used devices (devices that are set to active in the Customer Center) from your list of playback devices.  

Once the maximum number of device switches has been made, the activate/deactivate column will disappear from the Customer Center. You will need to wait 90 days from the date on which the device at the top of the list was last activated before you are able to make another three switches.


Where does it show me that I have used up all three switches?

The Customer Center does not show when the 90 days are up or the number of switches that have already taken place. 


Where does it show me that I have reached four registered devices and now need to switch a device?  

The Customer Center does not show this. It counts as one of your three switches as soon as the maximum number of devices has been reached and activated, and you then activate a previously inactive device. In theory, it is therefore possible that your list might contain fewer than the maximum number of devices and that, at some point, you will no longer have the option to switch a device. This also happens if devices are being constantly activated and deactivated.

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