Swisscom blue TV + Netflix = TV X: What you need to know

Swisscom blue TV + Netflix = TV X: What you need to know

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The most popular television in Switzerland and the largest streaming service in the world are now available as a new combination: blue TV X brings classic television and Netflix together. The subscription is clearly paid via a single Swisscom invoice. For CHF 50.– per month you have the ultimate offer. Already have Netflix? You can find out what you need to do to switch to TV X in this article.


How can I order TV X?

You can order TV X in all the regular ways:

  • Website
  • via TV box
  • Touchpoints such as Swisscom shops, the call centre, etc.

I already subscribe to Netflix. What happens to my Netflix subscription if I choose TV X?

If you already have a Netflix account, you need only link it to TV X. After logging onto the Netflix app on your Swisscom or UHD TV Box, you are shown a message that TV X has been linked to your Netflix account in the background.  This is absolutely essential if you previously paid for Netflix by credit card.

Your existing Netflix profiles and settings remain unchanged.

  • Basic Netflix subscription: Your existing basic Netflix subscription becomes a standard Netflix subscription. This enables simultaneously streaming on two devices and provides HD.
  • Standard Netflix subscription: Your subscription remains unchanged.
  • Premium Netflix subscription: Your subscription remains unchanged, provided you agree to this when you first activate it via the TV box. Please note that the price difference between a standard and a premium Netflix subscription is charged via Swisscom.

Can I upgrade to Netflix Premium on TV X?

Yes, this is possible for an additional charge of CHF 5 per month. The Netflix subscription can be changed to Premium at


Which blue TV boxes can use to I watch Netflix?

You can watch Netflix using a blue TV or UHD box. Netflix cannot be watched in conjunction with an HDTV box. To be able to use TV X, at least one Netflix-compatible box must be available. If this is not the case, a Swisscom box is automatically added at a cost of CHF 129 when switching to TV X.


Do you have more questions about TV X or your Netflix subscription? We appreciate your comments.

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I am new in the "neighborhood"😁 I chose the TV X thinking in closing my Netflix account in the USA. Now I see I can link them, but then, I understand I pay the difference between the TVL and TV X  (CHF 15) plus the subscription to Netflix at USA, correct? So isn't it better just to cancel the one at home (I really don't love so much my profile). Thank you!!!!