Swisscom TV: New features for the perfect evening packed with your favourite series

Swisscom TV: New features for the perfect evening packed with your favourite series

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With the new Swisscom Box and the Entertainment OS4 operating system, now nothing will stand in the way of an enjoyable night of TV viewing. You can now record series even more easily, start recording at the start of the programme, go straight to the next episode at the touch of a button and skip whole ad breaks in recordings. All this and much more with the latest cool features from Swisscom TV.


The latest Swisscom Box offers even greater TV enjoyment. But never fear: the new features that follow will be available on your current TV-Box (UHD) in the New Year.


No more fast-forwarding: start recording at the start of the programme

Want to watch a recorded programme? Up to now, you had to search tediously for the start of the programme or sit through the end of the previous show. From now on, your recording will start at the beginning of the programme.


Binge watching: for uninterrupted box-set pleasure

Nothing beats watching an entire series back-to-back. With the Swisscom Box, you can play back several recorded episodes in a row without interruption – even if the individual episodes were recorded on the same channel at the same time or on completely different channels.


Series recording: adjusts the time and channel

As a series junkie, you just want to record every episode of your favourite show. But what if the new season is being shown at a different time or on a different channel? It’s no longer a problem with Swisscom TV. It detects when a series moves to a different channel or time and automatically adjust the series recording.


Without interruption: skip whole ad breaks

It’s annoying when an ad break interrupts the most exciting part of the show. The Swisscom Box has a solution to this frustrating problem: a message will appear in the bottom right of your screen at the start of the ad break during recordings (not available for Replay). If you click OK to confirm, you can skip the adverts and you can continue enjoying the show. If you missed the message or were too slow to confirm, simply give the voice command “Hey Swisscom, skip adverts” to continue watching the programme.



Worth knowing


To start watching from the beginning of a programme or to continue watching a series uninterrupted, the recording must be on one of the following channels: 3+ HD, Channel 4 HD, DMAX HD, ORF 1 HD, Pro7 HD, RTL HD, RTS un HD, RSI LA 1, SRF1 HD, Super RTL HD, VOX HD, ZDF HD – more channels are being added all the time. During Replay programmes, you will still need to fast-forward the adverts.


You can now get a Swisscom Box for just CHF 129.–. New customers with an M or L TV subscription will receive it free of charge. Order online


These features will also be available on the Entertainment OS4 operating system or your Swisscom TV-Box (UHD) with a free upgrade from 2020.

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For operational reasons, the rollout of Entertainment OS4 for customers with the UHD box, planned for the end of February, will probably be postponed by a few weeks. We will inform you here as soon as the new rollout date is fixed. We regret the longer waiting time and ask for your understanding.