Rent or purchase TV highlights on blue TV: how it works with the app

Rent or purchase TV highlights on blue TV: how it works with the app

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Thanks to blue TV, you can enjoy on-demand pay TV content on your computer or smartphone as well as your TV. However, you can only purchase or rent films, series and sport events via the Swisscom TV-Box, in the blue TV app on your TV or in the web browser. Read the following article to find out how you access content on your mobile phone or tablet.


If you want to purchase or rent movies, series and live sport events from the Video on Demand offer on your Android phone or iPhone, the following message will appear:


You can only purchase or rent content outside the blue TV app.

Unfortunately, you cannot purchase or rent content with the blue TV app. However, content which you have purchased via your TV Box, the blue Smart TV app or can be viewed in the blue TV app.


This is due to contractual and technical restrictions. However, if you rent or buy the content you want on the TV Box, via the blue TV website ( or in the blue TV app on your smart TV (currently Samsung TVs from 2017 onwards), you can then view this in the blue TV app on your smart phone.


Where do I find my paid content?

You can find videos you have purchased or rented in the “My videos” tab. Sport events can be accessed directly in the event overview page.


Can I view content on several devices?

You can only watch rented or purchased content on one device and not on two in parallel. However, you can start watching the film on one device and finish on another. Find out more in the article: “Device restrictions: what you need to know

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