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Play your Steam PC games on blue TV

Play your Steam PC games on blue TV



The Steam Link app allows you to play your Steam games on blue TV. We’ll show you how and explain how to connect your controller and computer to the TV-Box. Play games on a giant flatscreen instead of your computer monitor: Now you can thanks to the Steam Link app on blue TV. And there’s no need for a new controller or new games. Simply use your previously purchased games and connect your controller to the blue TV-Box.


How to set up Steam on blue TV


1. Connect your controller to the TV-Box


Connect your controller to the TV-Box from Swisscom: You can use a USB cable or USB dongle for this. It is not possible to connect directly with Bluetooth.



2. Start the App "Steam Link"


Launch the Steam Link app on blue TV. To do this, go to the home screen > Apps > Games. The app should then detect the connected controller automatically.



3. Connect your Computer to the TV


Launch Steam on your computer. Once you have launched the Steam Link app, the app scans your network. When your computer has been detected, the TV-Box will display a number code. Enter this code into the Steam dialog box on your computer.


Frequently asked questions


What exactly is Steam?

Steam is an online platform for computer games, software, movies and TV series. You can use it to buy computer games, obtain patches, manage digital rights (DRM) and communicate with other gamers. Around 33 million people use the platform daily.


Which controllers can I use to play on the TV-Box?

In principle, any controller that is compatible with Steam will also work with the blue TV-Box. Do be aware, however, that not every Steam game will automatically be compatible with a game controller. You will find a list of games that can be played with a game controller under the "Steam Controller Friendly" menu item in the Steam Link app.


What if I want to connect my computer to the app?

For an optimum connection, you should use a network cable to connect your computer to the Swisscom router. If you use a WLAN connection, you will need a 5GHz connection. Your TV-Box should ideally also be connected to the router by network cable.


What should I do if the app fails to detect my computer?

Steam must be launched on your computer. Check that streaming is enabled under 'Steam > Settings > In-Home Streaming' (default setting).


Which operating system should the PC have?

Microsoft: Windows Vista or later

Apple: Mac OSX 10.10 or later


Will the Steam Link app work on every TV-Box?

The Steam Link app runs on almost all Swisscom TV-Boxes, except for the TV-Box (HD).


Where can I find additional information?

For more help, visit the Steam Link help page.


Please note: You can only use the above mentioned functions with a TV-Box from Swisscom, but not with the blue TV app.


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