Operate Swisscom TV air on your laptop or PC using the keyboard

Operate Swisscom TV air on your laptop or PC using the keyboard

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Often use Swisscom TV air on your computer or laptop? You should get to know these keyboard shortcuts!





Arrow up/down:

When you use the arrow to go up and down, you can select the content you want within the active quick-access menu (Live TV/Recordings/Replay) in the player on the right.


Arrow left/right:

You can use the left and right arrow to jump 10 seconds back or 30 seconds forward in the current programme. If you press the key for longer, it jumps forward or back for longer.


Make the picture larger/smaller



You can use the “F” key to switch from the standard player size to full-screen mode and back. 



Use the “ESC” key to switch from full-screen to standard player size, from standard to mini player size and then to close the mini player completely. 


Pausing and starting programmes 


Enter/space bar:

You can pause and restart the programme using the Enter key or the space bar.  



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Why u dont make Hotkeys for all Function...off/on  speaker f.ex.  For me very important....cuz i control the BVrowser with Dragon prof 15 Speech software... so i dont need to sit on keybord and RC  Browser tv with headset....