More World Cup on Swisscom TV: guide to teams, group positions and much more

More World Cup on Swisscom TV: guide to teams, group positions and much more

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More World Cup on Swisscom TV

Stock up on beer and snacks and subscribe to Swisscom TV – your essential preparations for the World Cup. Why Swisscom TV? Because there's more than just the matches to enjoy: broadcast info for every fixture, TV tips, all the latest news, a handy guide to the teams, the group positions and much more besides.


The World Cup has kicked off in Russia. This year, Swisscom TV is giving you the chance to gain some exclusive football knowledge and have your say with the pundits before, during and after the matches.


Immerse yourself in the world of football


To access all the latest World Cup information, simply press the home button (the button with the house icon) on your Swisscom TV remote. You will then see a list of all your recordings, recommendations and theme worlds such as Films, Series and Comedies on the bar along the top of the screen. On this screen, you will now also see a World Cup 2018 tile. Simply click this tile to access the World Cup overview.




Fixtures and teams in detail


Who is playing who and when in the group phase? What about the knockout stage? And which different countries are taking part? For the answers to all these questions and more, check out the headings "Group Phase", "Knockout Phase" and "Teams". Under teams, you’ll find a list of the players together with their personal profiles. Discover what the players are officially called on their passports, for example, and a host of other interesting titbits to share with your mates at half time.





Enjoy more than just the matches


Besides information about the upcoming matches, you will also find interesting articles by journalists as well as background information on all 12 stadiums. If there’s no match on but you’ve not had enough football, check out Bluewin TV for programmes all about football and the World Cup.




The football is only the beginning


The World Cup 2018 folder marks the start of a new service on Swisscom TV. In the future, Swisscom TV will also offer special content on other major events. Whether it's a royal wedding or a film festival, Swisscom TV will guide you through the entire event with background reports, news and TV tips.


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