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HbbTV makes your TV interactive

HbbTV makes your TV interactive

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The small button with a big impact: thanks to HbbTV and the red button on your blue TV remote control, you can make your TV interactive. Find out here what HbbTV means and what you can use it for.


"Press the red button on your remote control to find out more about our performers,” says the presenter of Voice of Germany to the TV viewers at home. HbbTV is what makes the red button work.


So what is HbbTV?

HbbTV stands for Hybrid broadcast broadband TV and it connects your digital TV with the Internet. The red button on your blue TV remote lets you call up Internet content straight to your TV screen. So you receive all the extra information about programmes and sports broadcasts. It also covers exciting features like games, prize draws and online voting. You could say that it's the modern version of Teletext.

How HbbTV works

If you switch to an HbbTV-enabled channel (such as SRF 1, SRF 2, ARD, ZDF, ORF), a small message informs you that additional content is being offered for the current programme. Press the specified button on your blue TV remote to call this up. HbbTV is available for free to all blue TV customers watching TV in HD quality. HbbTV is preset and can be switched off in the TV settings. Please note: If your connection covers several TV-Boxes, any change to the HbbTV settings always apply to all your TV-Boxes.


Please note: You can only use the above mentioned functions with a Swisscom TV box, but not with the blue TV app. 


How entertainment and advertising work today


Sports fans may have already noticed the fade-in at the beginning of the show. For certain football matches or in Formula 1, HbbTV offers you additional information about the match (bad passes, possession of the ball) or the race (lap times, pit stops, etc.)

HbbTV will also make advertising interactive in the future. Volvo has already used this capability in one of its TV commercials. In the ad for its new series, viewers could contact Volvo via HbbTV and use a form to register directly to test drive the new Volvo V60.


Try it out and make your TV experience interactive.

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