Get multilingual Swisscom TV recommendations

Get multilingual Swisscom TV recommendations

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If you enjoy watching TV in a variety of languages, Swisscom TV offers a range of multilingual programmes and films. Did you know that you can also get recommendations and search results in more than one language? You just need to change your settings.


With Swisscom TV, you can change both your menu and programme languages. The difference is that the menu language guides you through the menu while the programme language is used to display programme recommendations and other content on the homescreen.


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By default, the menu and programme languages are the same. This means that if you wish to watch a German, French or Italian programme, you either have to surf through all the channels or search the TV guide frantically. However, if you’d like to get recommendations and search results in other languages, you can change the programme language in settings. Go to the Swisscom TV settings via the Home button and change the language under “General Settings”. If you select German as the main language and French as an additional language, for instance, German and French recommendations and search results will be displayed for you on the TV.


Thanks to these Swisscom TV settings, your TV can be optimally tailored to your needs and allows you to get on with enjoying your film and series viewing.

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