Enjoy Sky Sport and Sky Show on blue TV

Enjoy Sky Sport and Sky Show on blue TV

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Watch Sky Sport and now also Sky Show directly on your blue TV. With the Sky app, you can watch all Sky sports, series and movies directly on your TV-Box, computer or smartphone. Read on to discover everything Sky has to offer and how to use the Sky app and streaming service.


What does the Sky streaming service have to offer?

You can browse through the entire streaming offering directly in the Sky app on your blue TV. You don’t need an account or subscription to do this. But you will need to register and take out a subscription if you wish to view any of the content. Sky Show is only available in German and English. You will also find all of the sport content as well as series and movies from the two portals in the mobile app or online on Sky Sport and Sky Show.


Which blue TV-Boxes do I need to use the Sky app?

The Sky app is available on the UHD-Box with Entertainment OS4 and the Swisscom Box. Unfortunately, the Sky products are not available on the older HD-Box with Entertainment OS3.2.


Which Sky subscriptions are available?

For Sky Sport, you can purchase either a Day Pass (expires after 24 hours) or a Month Pass (with automatic renewal). For Sky Show, it is only possible to purchase a Month Pass. You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time via your online Sky account. All prices are available at Sky Sport and Sky Show. Sky Store is not available on the TV-Box from Swisscom.


How do I take out a Sky subscription?

To purchase a subscription, you will need a Sky account. You can register directly through your TV-Box or online with Sky. Already have an account? Visit www.sky.ch/en/link and enter the activation code displayed on your blue TV by the Sky app. This connects your TV-Box to your account.


How do I pay for the Sky Month Pass?

To pay for your Month Pass, simply add it to your Swisscom bill. To do this, select Swisscom Pay to add it to your TV subscription or Swisscom Natel® Pay to add it to your mobile bill. You can do this directly in the Sky app on blue TV or online in your Sky account.


Please note: You can only use the above mentioned functions with a TV-Box from Swisscom, but not with the blue TV app.

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How do I switch audio channel from German to English?

Community Manager

Hello @Steckautzio98


Sky Show (series and films) is available in German and English. 


To watch it in English, you need to change the language settings of your TV-Box and select Einstellungen > Anzeige > Sprachen


Hope it helps!