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Dossiers on blue TV: enjoy expert knowledge, tables and results

Dossiers on blue TV: enjoy expert knowledge, tables and results

Interested in more than just watching TV? Then you’ll love our blue TV dossiers. The dossiers provide background information on the latest issues, including cultural and sporting events, compiled and specially curated from a wide variety of sources by the blue TV editorial team. 


The dossiers can be accessed via the main menu on your blue TV. You will also find a list of all your recordings, recommendations and theme worlds here, such as Films, Series and Comedies on the bar along the top of the screen. If you scroll down, you’ll see the dossiers compiled by the blue TV editorial team. Simply select the event you’re interested in for lots of tips, news and background information.


Broaden your knowledge 

Whether you’re interested in the Academy Awards or the UEFA Champions League, the blue TV dossiers offer a host of different categories to choose from, including eSports and Swiss Federal Council elections. You’ll also find background reports on TV events, expert knowledge, tables, election and sports results, TV tips and more news. 


With so much knowledge, you won't know where to start. Enjoy! 

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