Device restriction for blue TV: what you need to know

Device restriction for blue TV: what you need to know

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With blue TV, as well as enjoying content on your Swisscom TV-Box, you can also watch on your smartphone, tablet, computer or TV. The following article explains everything you need to know when using multiple devices.  


You can use up to 5 Swisscom TV-Boxes to watch blue TV at home (with an inOne home subscription). Watching on multiple TV-Boxes in parallel is not a problem, provided there is sufficient available bandwidth. Nowadays, however, you don’t necessarily need a TV-Box. blue TV is now also available as an app, ready to download on your smart TV for example. Please note, however, that to prevent misuse, the number of devices on which you can watch blue TV via the app is restricted.


Parallel use on 3 devices for inOne customers

Up to 5 devices can be registered for each inOne home subscription for use with the blue TV app. Registration is automatic. Once 5 devices have been registered, up to 3 devices can be changed within 90 days. The devices that are currently registered are listed in the My Swisscom Customer Center, where you will also find the information about changing devices and registration.


Parallel use on 2 devices for blue TV customers without inOne home

If you use blue TV without an inOne home subscription, you can also register 5 devices for blue TV via app. Parallel viewing on 2 devices is possible for customers with a paid blue TV subscription. Users opting for the free service can view on one device only.


Restriction for paid content 

There is also a restriction on the consumption of paid content, such as video on demand, premium channels or blue+ (formerly Teleclub). For legal reasons associated with the studios and content owners, you may only watch paid content on one device and not on multiple devices simultaneously.


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