Casual gaming on Swisscom TV: discover games now

Casual gaming on Swisscom TV: discover games now

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Casual gaming on Swisscom TV:
discover games now

Swisscom TV is continuing to expand its range of eSports and gaming offers, and is bringing casual gaming to your TV. With AirConsole, you can play a variety of single and multi-user games through your TV Box. Your TV is the games console and your smartphone is the controller – you don’t need to buy any hardware or watch long intros – simply start gaming!


If you have a Swisscom TV UHD Box, AirConsole games have recently been added under the new “Games” tab. The range of games are being added to all the time, meaning that there is always something new to discover. To play single-user games, you will need your smartphone. Simply install the AirConsole app on your smartphone and pair it with your TV using the pairing code. You can then use your smartphone as the controller for the game on TV and the fun can begin. For multi-player games, you can simply add more players in the same way and then compete against your friends.



Pair smartphone and download app


This video shows how to pair your smartphone with your TV.

The AirConsole app for your smartphone is available in the AppStore for iOS and through Google Play for Android. At present, AirConsole games are only available in English – but you can still have lots of fun with AirConsole even if you don’t speak the language.


Alongside AirConsole games, there are also games that can be played using the TV remote. Go to “Apps” > “App Store” under the “Games” tab on Swisscom TV. These games are also available through your HD Box, guaranteeing that they can be enjoyed by everyone.


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