Can't find your Swisscom TV Air recordings? Are you logged in correctly?

Can't find your Swisscom TV Air recordings? Are you logged in correctly?

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Do you want to watch a programme you recorded on Swisscom TV Air, but can’t find your recordings? It may be that you used a different login by mistake.


This can happen when you create a separate Swisscom Login on setting up MyCloud, Bluewin Mail and Swisscom TV Air. As a result, you will be unable to find your TV recordings via Swisscom TV Air because you are logged in with a different login.


Do you want to share photos on MyCloud and watch Swisscom TV Air at the same time?

Let’s say you want to show your friend photos from your recent holiday in South Africa via MyCloud on your laptop. Afterwards, you want to watch a documentary together about the Kruger National Park which you recorded earlier on Swisscom TV. Without logging out, you close the MyCloud browser window and open Swisscom TV Air in a new window. If you click on Login > Swisscom TV subscription, you are automatically logged into Swisscom TV Air with your MyCloud Swisscom Login. However, as you originally registered with Swisscom TV Air using a separate login, you won’t be able to see your recordings. So to watch the documentary, you will have to log out and then re-log in again with the correct login for Swisscom TV Air.


Why not merge your logins?

Different logins also stop you logging into different tabs for MyCloud and Swisscom TV Air simultaneously, because the browser can only remember one set of login details at a time. It therefore automatically uses the same login for the second tab as for the first – in our example this was the MyCloud login, which means you are unable to see your Swisscom TV Air recordings. In the long run, it therefore makes sense to use just one Swisscom Login for all your services. Unfortunately you can’t merge your Swisscom Logins yourself; you have to contact Swisscom. However, you can do it very quickly via the chat function – without having to listen to music on hold.


Get more help with your Swisscom Login here.

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