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This version is really poor for at least two reasons:

1. It imposes a colour scheme which not to everyone's liking and yet cannot be changed. Most current apps that have a dark mode allow the customer to select or not. Not Swisscom.

2. The update for IOS does not work unless a recent version of IOS is installed. Fair enough. However the update is not designed to detect whether it can be used or not and tries to force install itself. The only solution we could find was to de-install the app completely, go to the store and re-install. That way the system is alerted to the fact that the new version cannot run and downloads the old version. Poor design and testing.


If Swisscom would allow its customers not to use the latest version, fine. That option is sadly not available.





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If you disable automatic Updates, then you can keep the old version - but there is no other legal way to do it on a other was on Apple Software.

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