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Downloaded TV shows disappearing as App crashes / logs me out

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I recently downloaded a number of recordings to watch whilst on holiday. I watched one or two on the plane but when I tried again the App had crashed out and now wanted me to log in again. When I did so the downloaded shows had disappeared! I have been trying and failing ever since to download them again, only for the app to log me out for no apparent reason and the downloads disappear once more...


Any help or thoughts?



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This has been a constant problem with the Swisscom app.

When Swisscom do something at their end and a new login is required, they delete all your downloads!

I have had this on 3 occasions in the past and contacted Swisscom, but they did not reply and have obviously done nothing about this problem.

The worst occasion started last week. A constant login was required, downloads deleted and no reaction from Swisscom.

It has now become a useless App! I am on holiday and at a place with great bandwidth so have constantly downloaded, only to find that every time the downloads have gone. Sometimes within hours and without a new login required.

It is dangerous as one reason I download is to delete recordings and free up space.


Swisscom need to delete this function as they are obviously not technically capable of get it working.


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