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Disney Plus

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Disney Plus launches later this month in Switzerland.


Does anyone know if Swisscom will run the app, similar to DAZN, Netflix etc so that it can be accessed easily from the Swisscom home screen?



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At the moment it is not yet known how swisscom will bring an app for SCTV together with Disney. However, when Disney+ is launched, you can expect that there will be no supported app for SCTV.

Sorry you won't get a happier answer.
Maybe Disney+ can be used on your Smart TV or via Chromecast or AppleTV from your phone?

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Don't expect day one support, but if the service is popular in Switzerland, chances look good.

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ok thanks for that. Hopefully Disney+ create something, as using from the Swisscom home screen is excellent for Netflix etc

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Yesterday I called 0800 800 800 to ask the question... the lady told me the app can be downloaded from user's profile on the internet... which is completely bullshit false answer and was confirmed by his colleague minutes after...


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Hello everyone,

Thank you for your interest.


@Keufrimeip62 I am very sorry you received a wrong information when calling our customer service.


Disney+ is currently not available as an application on Swisscom TV. We would like to offer as much content as possible on our platform and therefore maintain close relationships with various providers, including Disney.

We will communicate actively on our different channels as soon as new information becomes available.


Thank you for your patience 😊


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