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Can No longer rent sports events

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This has appened before.

It should be possible to rent a sports event pay-per-view using TV Air on a MAC (all browsers) This is currently not possible. There is a message saying that the program is not available on the subscription.


Same problem firefox and safari


Community Manager
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Hello @RMH1


Have you tried again to rent a Sport Live Event in the meantime?


Due to a known disruption, some matches are not available for renting from a smartphone or tablet. It should be ok on TV Air Mac/PC.


I kindly ask you to call our customer support should you encounter the same issue.


Thank you for your understanding.



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Thankyou, Pay per view does not work for English premiership football matches using Firefox or Safari on a MAC computer, but it does work for UEFA champions league matches. Customer support is not usually available when these matches are on the TV. 

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Still not working.

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Amazing. it's still not working. The screen says it is possible to rent english premiershp matches at 5.- pay per view. But it is not using swisscom TV air as I do not have a tv set at the present time..