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inOne is changing to blue: the new subscriptions are here!

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Dear Community


blue will be here from 23 May! From that date, Swisscom subscriptions will be marketed as blue instead of inOne and will all be structured in the familiar S/M/L sizes.


Better, simpler, more attractive

In addition to being simpler, blue subscriptions are also more attractive. With the new blue Mobile M, for example, which is replacing inOne mobile go, you will enjoy 5x faster mobile Internet at the same price. And from blue Internet subscription M, you can even surf at Gigabitspeed.


Some existing inOne and Swiss mobile subscriptions will switch over to blue directly, while others will remain unchanged. You can see whether your subscription is changing in the subscription comparison on this page.


From 23 May, digitally savvy customers can also benefit from Simply Digital: a monthly discount for anyone wishing to submit their enquiries online first in the future. This discount can be combined with the inOne Family benefit, which has been renamed blue Benefit.


Check out the blue FAQs for all the key details about what is changing with blue.



The latest news about blue TV

At the blue launch, there will also be a number of changes to the TV offering:

  • You can now order Apple TV 4K, including a new remote control, and use it to access your blue TV subscription. > Find out more
  • If you want to use blue TV at your second residence, you do not need an additional TV subscription. One Internet subscription per residence plus the Multi Room option for CHF 5.–/month is enough to access your blue TV at home.
  • Premium channels are no longer included in TV L, but can be booked as an option for CHF 9.–/month.
  • Over the coming weeks, an update will be rolled out gradually on blue TV (TV-Box, blue TV app & Web). This will include a number of new features and general improvements:
    • blue Music: Never miss a concert again and experience every festival without getting covered in mud.
    • blue Sport: Catch up with the latest games in the Replay band under “Latest” and play highlights such as goals directly.
    • For fans of binge watching: When watching movies & series, the next episode now plays automatically without any action by you.
    • A more accurate topic search, more precise start times for replay content and many minor improvements make the TV experience even more enjoyable.


What do you think of the news about the move to blue? Do you have any questions or suggestions?

We look forward to your comments!


liebe Grüsse, bien cordialement, cari saluti, best regards
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Are the new blue mobile subscriptions also available for Business Customers?

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@Heufezioth87 wrote:

Are the new blue mobile subscriptions also available for Business Customers?

The new blue subscriptions are currently aimed at the residential customer market.

liebe Grüsse, bien cordialement, cari saluti, best regards
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