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More services for the same price for everyone with an inOne mobile subscription

More services for the same price for everyone with an inOne mobile subscription

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Do you have an inOne mobile subscription from Swisscom? We have some great news for you. Swisscom has changed its subscriptions and you’ll now receive more services for no additional cost. Find out how that affects you here.


The changes to the inOne mobile subscriptions provide you with better services at the same price – whether you are a residential customer, work for an SME or have an XTRA contract. Still don't have an inOne mobile subscription? How to switch. 


Faster Internet


Faster surfing from now on if you have an inOne (SME/XTRA) mobile light, XS or S subscription:

  • inOne mobile S: now with 30 Mbit/s (previously 20 Mbit/s)
  • inOne mobile XS: now with 5 Mbit/s (previously 2 Mbit/s – now more than twice as fast)
  • inOne mobile light: now with 30 Mbit/s (previously 20 Mbit/s)

Tablet, watch or tracker: connect everything to your mobile phone


With Multi Device you can now use up to 10 additional devices (up to 3 “Smartphones & Tablets”, up to 3 “Watches & Wearables” and up to 4 “Trackers & Sensors”) with your smartphone, using the same mobile number.


Swisscom offers the perfect services for every device with these Multi Device options:

  • The “Smartphones & Tablets” option lets you make calls and surf the Internet for CHF 10.– per device on the same package as your main device.
  • With the “Watches & Wearables” option, for CHF 5.– per device you can make calls on the same package as your main device, as long as your additional device supports this service. The Internet works with limited speed for messaging, apps etc.
  • The “Trackers & Sensors” option lets you link your tracker or sensor with your smartphone and use tracking apps for just CHF 3.– per device. It is not possible to make calls with this option.

With inOne (SME) mobile L the “Smartphones & Tablets” option is included twice. The inOne (SME) mobile XL subscription even includes three additional devices with the “Smartphones & Tablets” option. inOne mobile light does not include Multi Device.


Even more EU roaming


The subscription changes mean you can now surf more abroad. From now on, up to double the roaming data volume is available in the EU, depending on your subscription:

  • inOne mobile S: now 3 GB (previously 2 GB)
  • inOne mobile M: now 6 GB (previously 3 GB)
  • inOne mobile L: now 24 GB (previously 12 GB)
  • inOne mobile XL: now 48 GB (previously 24 GB)

The data volume stays at 1 GB per year for inOne mobile XS. There is no change to the roaming days. The data volume can still only be used during the roaming days.


For all you need to know about roaming, click here.


inOne mobile XL Premium Package


With an inOne (SME) mobile XL subscription you receive even more services. From now on, a host of premium services give you the following exclusive benefits:

  • Device purchase 6 months before contract expiry
  • Hotline prioritisation
  • Free My Service e-mail set-up and data transfer
  • Instant repair at no additional cost
  • Worldwide device replacement
  • 10 hours’ free use of coworking offices (for inOne SME customers only)

Click here for details of the XL Premium Package and the services included.


Free COMBOX® messages


You used to be charged if someone left a message on your COMBOX® while you were abroad. Now any COMBOX® messages you receive within Europe with an inOne mobile (SME/XTRA) light and an inOne mobile XS to XL subscription are free. Roaming days won’t be deducted for them either. Now there are only charges for listening to messages – but only if you have run out of roaming days in your subscription. Otherwise, a roaming day will be deducted.

If you are outside Europe and receive a COMBOX® message, the call will be charged as before.

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