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Tips: The relaxed way to travel on holiday – and back

Tips: The relaxed way to travel on holiday – and back



Holidays are your time for rest and relaxation. But returning to everyday life often means those chilled days quickly become a distant memory. We have put together a few tips for a stress-free return from your holidays.


Using your mobile phone abroad

To make sure you can use your mobile phone abroad without the worry of exploding costs, we recommend the following:


Cost limits

If you have a Swisscom subscription, you can set a cost limit in the Cockpit. Then you know exactly how high your bill will be. You can change the limit at any time, so you always keep your costs under control. If you have a Prepaid account, the limit may be set already. You can check this in the Cockpit under “Costs” and set the limit of your choice.


Data roaming

You can use data roaming to use mobile data abroad. Activate this in the connection settings on your mobile phone if:

> More about using your mobile phone abroad


The best entertainment on the move

With these practical gadgets from the Swisscom Shop, you can enjoy the best entertainment on your trip and stay relaxed, even if things don't go to plan:


Power bank

Airline tickets, payment options, entertainment – nowadays everything is on your mobile phone. So a flat battery can be a real pain when travelling. The solution: a power bank you can use on the move.



Children whining on the plane or a chatterbox on the train? In-ear headphones with adaptive noise-cancelling and smart settings to control ambient noise can help. Check out our Shop for different options.


The relaxed way to come home

Enjoy a pleasant return to your own four walls after a relaxing holiday – with no nasty surprises. Follow our tips:


Install Smart Switch

You're at the airport – and suddenly not sure if you turned off the bathroom light? If you set up the Smart Switch before your holiday, you're in a smart position. The smart adapter connects your devices at home with the Home app on your mobile phone. So you stay in control of your devices, wherever you are. You can also set up individual schedules – so the lights in the living room come on in the evening to deter potential burglars, for example.

Note: You can use your Smart Switch with the Swisscom Internet-Box. Using the Swisscom Home app to control your devices is free.


Switch off router

If you don’t have a Smart Switch, we advise switching off the router and other electronic devices while you are away. This saves electricity and protects the devices.

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