No costs abroad with inOne mobile go: Why does roaming still exist?

No costs abroad with inOne mobile go: Why does roaming still exist?

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For some time now, no roaming charges have been charged within Europe - at least by EU operators. This does not apply to Switzerland. But why doesn't Swisscom simply abolish roaming? We'll tell you the reasons for this and what else is behind it here.


Within the EU, the roaming tariffs between the individual providers have been regulated - Switzerland as a non-EU country cannot benefit from this: The foreign provider charges Swisscom for every kilobyte surfing abroad at prices that it can set itself. If Swisscom were nevertheless to abolish roaming tariffs, the costs incurred would therefore have to be distributed among all customers. And then the same thing could happen that is even being observed in the EU at the moment: Subscriptions will be more expensive and will also be subject to a data volume ceiling in Switzerland. The costs are no longer borne by the originator, but distributed among all. This also applies to those who do not go on holiday at all. That would be quite unfair, wouldn't it?


Swisscom as a low-cost provider of foreign tariffs?

But Swisscom is already clearly the cheapest and fairest provider across all customer groups in Switzerland when it comes to roaming tariffs. In 2018, Swisscom lowered its prices - as it has always done in spring for years. And this is only really important for a few customers. The fact is that Swisscom included roaming within Europe in the most popular subscriptions three years ago and further expanded this offer with the launch of inOne mobile subscriptions in spring 2019. However, many customers do not make full use of the roaming days and/or the data volume included in their subscription. Data packages for Europe are therefore primarily purchased by customers with low-cost or prepaid subscriptions and customers with above-average data usage. So in the end it's like this: for most Swisscom customers roaming within Europe has actually been abolished.


Up to 50% cheaper with Swisscom

The chart below also shows that you can travel up to half cheaper with Swisscom when travelling abroad.

Swisscom Roaming 0318 DEU (002).jpg

No more EU roaming with the new inOne subscriptions

With the new inOne mobile subscriptions go and premium you can use your mobile phone abroad just like at home.

  • With the new inOne mobile premium subscription, you can surf and make phone calls in 100 countries worldwide without restriction.
  • With inOne moblie go you can surf and make calls in the EU/Western Europe without any restrictions.
  • With inOne mobile basic, you can make unlimited calls and send SMS/MMS messages in EU/Western Europe. 2GB of data is also included for surfing.


You can find more information about roaming here.

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two years running Swisscom has allowed an (different) app to use my entire remaining annual roaming allowance (12GB for the year) within three days - without warning or any facility to place any limits on this draining of the allowance.


Cockpit allows limits to be placed on usage, but NOT on the inclusive allowance, which Swisscom permit to be reduced to nothing without warning and in a matter of days. That then means one has to buy roaming data for the rest of the subscription year, which makes it look like Swisscom intend this to happen since they profit from it.


The first year it was google maps so I learned to monitor carefully. This year it was "system" resources in which the iPhone hides what is using up data, it turned out to be Apple Music which has settings buried deep inside itself which default to massive data use.


Come on Swisscom - give us control and play fair.


You claim to be fair, then be so.

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@someoneabroad: While I totally second your sentiment, I wonder how this would technically be done, since no other provider I have SIM cards with (Oman, Ukraine, UK, Singapore, Pakistan, India, Togo, Senegal, Australia, Colombia, Spain, and some currently inactive ones) actually manages to accomplish this feat either?


On top of that, the minimal charging units vary greatly between different providers. As for your specific issues, I am not using an iPhone due to the lack of control over the device, however the Google Maps network hogging can be drastically reduced if you manage to pre-cache the areas you plan on using beforehand over a Wireless spot or use one of the OpenStreetMap applications (with the obvious caveats of not having all the metadata features of Google Maps); has become rather handy in a great variety of countries.


Last but not least, on Android I have used My Data Manager to limit the per app data usage: would be an option for you on iPhone?


Again, I wholeheartedly agree with your comments, but don't see how Swisscom is going to tackle this issue anytime soon.

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I fully agree with the sentiment in the article, that it is unfair to ask subscribers to pay for what others use and they do not. So why then, does swisscom try to force me to take out a subscription for data roaming instead of allowing me to pay only for what I use? Isn't it exacty the same thing that the article says is unfair?