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Domains blocked by mistake - recurring issue

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Hi guys,


you have blocked our domains twice during the last couple of weeks as phising/malicious sites by internet guard. We are a website building company and have hundreds of customers in Switzerland which could not accesss the platform and images on live sites were not rendered. This has brought damage to our company repuration and relations with those users.


Is there a way to find out why our domains were blocked to prevent it next time? Also, which database are you using for whitelisting? For instance as far as we know AWS uses Google Safe browse, it reports the domain is green but it was still blocked by you guys.

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You've posted in the public Swisscom community, there's officially no support from Swisscom representatives here. Better fill out the contact form and report your problem there.

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Overbooking. Legacy IP problem 🤣

Falls du in deinem Thread eine Antwort von Tux0ne wünschst, so ergänze deinen Text mit @Tux0ne. Damit erhalte ich eine Benachrichtigung.


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If you had a look on our webpage or even on the warning pages you would have easily found this:


We will check the page. Unfortunately we see that many people do not know that there webpages are spreading malware or something similar.



Head of Access & Communication Services @ Product & Marketing Department, Swisscom (Schweiz) AG