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XGS-PON capable unTangle router ?

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I'm using right now a bridged Zyxel XMG3927 with a custom made unTangle router for my home setup. It works great btw, I can reach the advertised 500/100 no problem.


I plan to move into a 10000Mbit/s capable appartment, so I wanted to know if I could reuse my unTangle router? Since all routers in Switzerland are locked from bridging (*&*!*$*&*&*!$%&%), what is the best option to avoid double NAT with the provided ISP router?


What I know about:

  1. media converters for 10G exist, but no idea after that.
  2. mimicking a Zyxel AX7501 by putting a SFP+ card in my router. No idea if it will work.

Anyone with a similar setups and advices ?


I already have a X550-T2 card, so in an ideal world, I would use a media converter, but I'm open.

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thanks for the contribution


> Anyone with a similar setups and advices ? 


on the Community in German several discussions and [TUTO] are available for example

Swisscom (V)DSL Internet Zyxel XMG3927 im Bridge-Modus - Problem


search in this same Community in German with the keywords

Zyxel XMG3927 or/and XGS-PON

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Not sure I'm "german capable" enough for technical talks about advanced routing discussion. GTranslate will probably be lost too on some parts... That's why I came to the EN part.

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Thank you for the feedback


contact with the Community in German will be welcome even with a poor translator

it is even the ideal forum to find solutions to technical subjects

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