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Using my own router, can't access the Internet, asking to activate my connection. Help?

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I switched to using my own router with my Swisscom FTTH connection. I am using an MC220L with Swisscom's SFP module and my own router (OpnSense)


When I try and access the internet, I am getting the following page:


I called customer service but they didn't know what I meant because the connection is activated and works with the Swisscom modem.


How do I get my 6 digits activation code?

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Yes thank you I eventually got it to work. I cloned my swisscom modem MAC and that have me a public IP.


For those stuck I would suggest to activate the  connection with your swisscom box and then clone the MAC on your own router. And don't forget to configure a dns server. I had forgotten and of room me quite a while to realize...

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