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TV box saying no signal on channel when put behind firewall/router still

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Hi @Tux0ne 


I read your support notes about similar problems but despite below configuration still have the issue “TV box saying no signal on channel when put behind firewall/router”


The current set-up is the following


Devices : Swisscom  router Internet-Box 3 (IB) -> USG -> Unify Switch -> Unify Access Points  


IB (set-up)

 ------------- and subnet mask

Activated DHCP range ( to 

Activated DMZ for device and linked to Firewall-Unify


USG (set-up)



USG, connect to IB 1 gbps LAN port


UniFi network (set up)


Enabled IGMP Snooping 

Enabled Multicast Enhancement (IGMPv3)

Enable Multicast DNS” set to ON


Blue-TV set is connected by network cable to a switch


Can you please advise what is missing? Thank you very much in advance for your comments

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Black Mamba
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to get an answer contact TuxOne directly by private message

Informationen zu Tux0ne | Swisscom Community


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Hi @Black Mamba 


As @Tux0ne is not replying, can you please may be comment my request? I will highly appreciate



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you must post the same question on the Community in German

there are more expert users able to answer

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Hello community


I am a new user recently arrived from North America.


I am trying to install my home network per this thread (TV box behind Google wifi router in this case) and seeing same issues.


Can someone share instructions to allow this config to work?


Unfortunately I dont speak German (yet) but would be able to converse in English or French



Black Mamba
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