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TV box saying no signal on channel when put behind firewall/router

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I got a unifi Dream Machine (awesome router) and all devices now works through that and all is great EXCEPT the tv box.


It keeps saying there are no signal on the channels - it only starts working when I route it directly through the ADSL router - I assume there are some ports or other setup that needs opening up in the router or something.


Anyone know what they are ? 

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Hello @maxandersen 


Thank you for your contribution. 🙂


I asked an expert, but unfortunately we can't help you out. Maybe @Tux0ne can?


Best regards

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Since I posted I figured out it is only the live TV that there are issues with - I can switch to "watch from beginning" and it streams just fine.


so i'm curious to know what "magic" the swisscom box does that isn't happening when traffic is sent via a router. 

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The magic is called multicast. You need an igmp proxy:

long story short (tl;dr)

The udm currently doesn‘t have an igmp proxy on board...
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dammit ;/ 


so no way around that ? are there switches with igmp proxy on them or do i really need to add another router ? 

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can swisscoms adsl boxes not do a direct pass through or would putting the router in DMZ be enough ? 

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you don't need another router, it's just a configuration you need to do on your dream machine.

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but the dream machine doen't support the multicast proxy so i need to look for alternatives.


for now my alternative is to just use zattoo and which I might just stay with and save the 50 chf per month 🙂

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