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TV box saying no signal on channel when put behind firewall/router still

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Hi @Tux0ne 


I read your support notes about similar problems but despite below configuration still have the issue “TV box saying no signal on channel when put behind firewall/router”


The current set-up is the following


Devices : Swisscom  router Internet-Box 3 (IB) -> USG -> Unify Switch -> Unify Access Points  


IB (set-up)

 ------------- and subnet mask

Activated DHCP range ( to 

Activated DMZ for device and linked to Firewall-Unify


USG (set-up)



USG, connect to IB 1 gbps LAN port


UniFi network (set up)


Enabled IGMP Snooping 

Enabled Multicast Enhancement (IGMPv3)

Enable Multicast DNS” set to ON


Blue-TV set is connected by network cable to a switch


Can you please advise what is missing? Thank you very much in advance for your comments

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Black Mamba
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to get an answer contact TuxOne directly by private message

Informationen zu Tux0ne | Swisscom Community


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Hi @Black Mamba 


As @Tux0ne is not replying, can you please may be comment my request? I will highly appreciate



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you must post the same question on the Community in German

there are more expert users able to answer

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