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Routing from WLAN to services inside the network not working

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I have the following setup:


Public IP A.B.C.D --> Swisscom Router --> --> --> Firewall/DMZ --> Reverse Proxy --> Microservices.


On the router I configured forwardings for the ports I need i.e. port 80 / 443 to forward all traffic that goes to A.B.C.D to which works flawlessly from external or from inside the DMZ. I use the Swisscom Router WLAN for guests in the office. When I try to access any service that forwards to A.B.C.D I get a timeout. It's as if the Swisscom router is not applying the Port Forwards to traffic that comes from the WLAN. Can someone help me out on what I am missing here?

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Black Mamba
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thanks for contribution


better chances of getting an technical answer in the Community in German 😀

Swisscom Community DE

see with the keyword routing for example

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