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Reusing an old Internet-Box Plus as wifi access point

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I wanted to share an experience coming from an idea sparked by user @Gulleucheusch41 who did something similar just today, and we exchanged ideas in this thread:

      Using internetbox2 as WLAN-Box     


It turned out that my old Internet-Box Plus (and not an IB2 like I mistakenly wrote) can also be used as a wifi access point, with some careful changes in the router configuration.


First of all, save yourself time and DO NOT DO A FACTORY RESET of the box, like I did.


Because if you do, the IB will need to be re-provisioned again by Swisscom, and you will need to connect it to the ADSL/VDSL line in order to download a configuration from our ISP. Wasted a lot of time doing this, but hey, it was a test!


You need to reconfigure the box from its web interface, available either at http://internetbox.home or the old IP address used by the box as a router. You might want to use an ethernet cable to avoid any issue with wifi, should you have the same wifi setting on both the new and old routers, like it was my case (of course!).


REMEMBER: use one of the yellow switched ports to connect to your LAN!


Since I reprovisioned the box from Swisscom, I also needed to create a new admin password, which is easily done from the login page at:


once the box has completely booted, in case it has been restored to factory settings, or kept to the default IP address.


Then, you will need to change the IP address of the box to a new address in the same subnet where your new router is. Use a manually assigned IP address, as shown here:




Then, to avoid huge issues on your LAN, you MUST make sure that you disable the DHCP server on the old IB box, like so:




The LED will keep flashing red, because the box will not have an ADSL/VDSL connection, but that doesn't matter, and the access point works great.


As a matter of fact, most of the features in the firmware work well, including the network topology and the wifi details for those stations which are using the IB to connect to wifi:







As you can see, IPv6 also works well.


The good news is that I now have a free Wi-Fi 5 device I can use. Too bad it doesn't support VLANs!


Hopefully this writeup is useful to some, who can benefit from an old router, instead of trashing it or giving it away.


Thanks again to @Gulleucheusch41 for the inspiration!


Ciao, Luca

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Thanks for this excellent guide @lucaberta 


I have the same settings as you and everything is working perfectly. 😀


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Is there a way that the internetbox2 can be used as a wifi repeater?

In particular, can it connect to a different router via wifi, and then forward the connection over ethernet locally?

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thank you @lucaberta for this knowledge sharing, it's great !


Merry Christmas !

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@Pippi--Grunding As I understand it, I don't think it'll be possible as the software does not support it.

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Hi @Pippi--Grunding, like @Gulleucheusch41 says, the firmware in the Internet Box products does not support that feature, so I doubt that what you ask can be done with these boxes.


I am afraid you’ll need to use the extenders that Swisscom provides in order to do what you ask for.


Bye, Luca

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Hi @lucaberta 


I was thinking to use my IB2 to create an alternative network which is connected to the internet via the embedded "Internet Mobile Connect" functionality (not sure if the IBplus supports it).

Mainly this would serve as a backup for the alarm system in case of the main internet going down.

Do you think that is also a possibility?

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