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Network with IB2 and Netgear AP EX3700 really slow

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Hello everyone


I have a ftth with an IB2, but the placement of the distribution box is really bad (in the laundry room). My Apartment is just one flat but really long. 


I used the cabling of the apartment to connect (via ethernet) two acces points on the sides of the aparment and I turned off the wifi from my IB2 to avoid interferance. 


The two APs are using the same SSID as the IB2, with the 1st AP using 2.4 and 5 Ghz and the second one only 5 Ghz. 


When I do a Speedtest, everything works perfectly, but in reallity the loading speeds are just too slow. 


I already have the Netgear APs and dont really see why I should buy the APs that Swisscom offers. 


Is there a specific way to set it up? 


Thanks a lot 

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Can't tell since I don't know the netgears.


In my setup, the Wlan Box worked best from scratch with the internet box.




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