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My Antivirus Says My Router Is Infected.

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Hello Friends,


My Antivirus program says my router is infected and gives me a popup update. Has anyone faced any similar issue before? Kindly let me know!

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Sure that is an message from your AV-program and not at fake from the Internet? 

Be aware! 

cu Marcus
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No. Which Antivirus program do you use? Can you show us the popup? Maybe it's a hoax, be careful to not follow the instructions.


Which Router do you have?

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Thanks for jumping in and helping out. I really appericiate that. I have been using avast for sometime now. The pop up does not come at interval but randomly. I have been able to get an exact picture of the pop up here in this post . Please let me know if following the post guidelines would be helpful or not.

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Did you follow the instructions at this blog?

cu Marcus
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I have not yet followed the instruction. I am waiting for a more experienced person to guide me to understand if that would be the correct resolution.

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Do you get the same message as in the article: "its DNS settings have been modified [...]"?


Have you changed the DNS settings in the past? Is it set to default? Which DNS servers are used on you local computer?

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Yes I am getting the same message. And yes I have changed the DNS servers to Google Dns long ago!