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Mobile hotspot issue

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Help with slow mobile hotspot. 


Hi all, I have a macbook pro and Swisscom subscription with multi-sim (Samsung Note 8 and Samsung S9+ and Samsung smart watch all bought from Swisscom directly).


My issue is that when I connect my laptop (Macbook Pro) and try to use a hotspot the connection is basically unusable ( returning .11). I tried calling Swisscom's support who tell me that this is not an issue with Swisscom but an issue with Samsung. Strange response.


I tested the connection on both phones incase one sim was throttled for some reason. In both cases, it is really slow. According to the agent at swisscom, swisscom does not support mobile hotspots via mobile devices and if I have a problem, it's my problem and not something that Swisscom can resolve (this is especially strange as the hotspot on my girlfriend's Swisscom/Samsung runs perfectly). Anyway is anyone able to confirm that is actually this true? 


Thanks 🙂 



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generally Swisscom is not responsible indeed for this reason directly. If you have issues in the Devices itself, then it should be a problem for Swisscom to solve.


Please try to take Speedtests and take screenshots. Then try again also by Mobile Hotspot. 


Then you should contact Swisscom again and also tell them from the Screenshots you have.


Alternatively contact the Apple or Samsung-Support for further Help with your devices - maybe they have broken parts or other issues.

Gruess, Cordial salids, Cordialement, Cordiali Saluti, Cheers!

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