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Internet is disconnecting every 20/30min itself on Internet-box 2 fiber

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Hi everyone. I do have a annoying problem with my internet-box 2 (fiber). Every 20/30min internet disconecting itself. All I can see is red light blinking on the box. I can connect to Wi-fi network but internet connection is missing on few devices.  All the time I have to switch off Internet-box by using power button, then switch on again, wait 1 min and it works again for 20/30min. I have to do that very ofter which in annoying. Internet services are provided since yesterday. It seems like Swisscom network problem? Does anyone know what could be the problem? Thank you in advance. Kind Regards

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Not sure if you solved this already but there is a very simlilar report in the german part of the community forum here.


In short: @GuidoT mentioned that there were unfortnately broken SFP-Modules shipped (the modules that plug into the rectangle port on the back of the IB2 to connect the fiber cable).

If you didn't already: Please contact the helpdesk and ask for a replacement.

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Please call the hotline and ask for a new SFP.

Head of Access & Communication Services @ Product & Marketing Department, Swisscom (Schweiz) AG
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I received my internet box-2 yesterday and since I connected Internet, I have been experiencing this irritating disconnecting every 20-30 minutes. I called customer service after I read your message and they just reset the router with me and they said it wont happen again and 20 mins later I face it again. I asked the person about the new SFP but he said it is not the problem. So what can I do please? Should I wait or what? Will this go away by time? Please somebody help me I’m really tired of restarting my router every 30 mins !!!

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Hi all,


I also have annoying issues with my IB 2: Switching off every 30/50 minutes. This happened for couple of days or more... see below.


A Swisscom technician came few days ago and improved the speed from 290MB to 390 MB, Nice. But the problem remains.

New box received and replaced. 20 minutes later, guess what? same problem again.  I spoke to Swisscom again and after asking them, I learnt that my @##! box was disconnecting 72 times in September, XX times in Oct, and more than 100 times in NOV 2018. (today is only the 09th of Nov)..............


Another Technician came today and change the internet port for my appartment within the residence. No improvement. same disconnection issues. He then could do another 'upgrade' behind the scene - which restarted my router. Seemed OK until we had a general electreicity shutdown in the quartier. Now it is back but the router doesn't want to start  - blinking red.


what a mess