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Internet Box 3 and 802.11n devices

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I am having a lot of issues with my 802.11n speakers since I upgraded to Internet Box 3(It was working just fine before the upgrade). Frankly, it made my sound set-up unusable. 

When I look at the diagnosis on the Internet box 3 it looks like the 802.11n speakers are(at best) at 150 000. I tried changing locations/positions but it doesnt improve. 


Any ideas on how to solve this?


I feel "dual band" is not in place and thus any package loss results in audio hiccups. 



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I guess that the problem is Wifi 6 (AX). There are some older devices that have issues if Wifi 6 is enabled. If possible and available try to update the device, especially the wifi driver.


However as a workaround you can try to disable Wifi 6 on the IB3. Go to the Menu of the IB3, log in and then go to WLAN/Wifi on the left side. The you will see on the right a check box to disable Wifi 6. Maybe that helps.

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Try to update the speakers at the newest release.


As a test on the IB3 itself you can try:

- disable WiFi 6

- reduce the encryption of the WiFi from WPA2/WPA3 to WPA2 only

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I did disable WIFI6 a few weeks ago. There was an improvement but not enough to be usable. 
Of course the speakers are all already on the latest firmware, thanks for the suggestion

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Thanks, Wifi6 and the firmware on the speakers are already in place, but that has not been enough. I will play with the encription to see if that works. Cheers

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Which kind of WiFi speakers are you using ?

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