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Internet Box 2 and Ubiquiti Unifi AP

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I have installation with Internet Box 2 router. Because house has 3 levels, I decided to increase WiFi range, and bought 3 Ubiquiti Unifi Access Points Long Range (with UniFi Cloud Key Controller). I installed them (IB2 WiFi switched off), and WiFi signal is better, but I have strange perfomance problem.

When I use IB2 builtin WiFi, everything works great. On Unifi WiFi, Skype on iPad is not connecting at all, iPhone sometimes give "internet connection lost". Laptops, network (netflix) players, smart tvs have no problem. Only mobile devices. 

Does anybody have such a problem? Is something blocked on Swisscom IB2? What could be a cause of "connection unavailable" in Skype on iPad and iPhone? Despite Skype on iMac (also wireless connected) is working without any problems!

It would be great to have solution for this.



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I never heard about such a problem here.
Please check the wifi enviroment in your house. Make shure your AP's use different overlapping free channels.
Under Site you can "Enable advanced features". After that you can enable Band Steering on the AP's.

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@maciejc here is a APP for Android:


to analyse und solve your WIFI problem.


Look here at the community :


@BurningRoli kannst Du noch was dazu sagen ? (have you any answer for this problem ? )


From website:
translate by Googel:


WLAN channel selection with several APs :


I use three access points with the same SSID in the house.  The APs are connected directly or via Powerline. 
There are no disturbing WLANs in the neighborhood.  Am I now giving each AP a different channel or all the same?

 If you are operating the APs with a narrow radio channel (20 MHz only, not "optimized for 300 MBit / s," etc.),
 you can distribute them to channels 1, 6 and 11.  1/6/11 is cheaper than 1/7/13, because sometimes WLAN clients
 come into the trade, which are preset for the region North America and then no WLANs on channel 12 or 13 find.
 This allows the APs to work in parallel and serve their clients without stealing bandwidth.
 When operating with wide channels (20/40 MHz, "Auto 20/40"), set all bases to the same radio channel
so that the APs can agree on the use of the medium.  This increases the throughput per radio cell,
 but only one AP or one client can transfer data.  ( ea )

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Hi all,


Unifi AP do the channel selection automatically and displaying the channel utilization in the device view. In the same view, you can find the AP users with connection speed and tx level. The AP has also the capability to scan the environment.






In controller 5.6.x is a statistic page with top interferer. Perhaps also available in the other branches 5.4 / 5.5.


So before you begin experimenting with radio channels, show on this graph and levels to find or exclude the problem.


At my home 4 AP works on each floor without any problems. Watch out the selected channels, they assigned automatically.




Check out the radiation diagramm and find the best position / angle for your AP. Unfortunately only 5GHz diagrams.  UniFi - UAP Antenna Radiation Patterns





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 @Tux0ne @user109 @BurningRoli- thank You for all suggestions - I reset all devices to factory defaults (looking for solution, I tried a lot of possibilities and maybe sth was set unproperly), configured it considering your suggestions. At all I phisically powered off all Swisscom devices: IB2 and AirTies (one AP is located at the second end of AirTies - togeher with Swisscom TV tuner :) ).

After powering on, Wifi works prefectly.

Thank You very much for support!