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IPv6 with Pfsense router

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Hello all


I have a Swisscom internet connect with Internet Box 2.  Behind that, running my home is a Pfsense box.  The IPv4 setup was working perfectly but I'm struggling to get the IPv6 to work.  


I turned on IPv6 on the swisscom box and that works, it also gives an address to my Pfsense box but that's as far as I get.  I read on this site that Swisscom gives a /60 so I tried setting up DHCPv6 requesting a /60 segment but that didn't appear to work.  I tried a /64 as well.  It occurs to me that the /60 is probably given to the swisscom box and is not forwarded to my Pfsense router.  As far as I can tell, all my Pfsense box gets is a single IP (subnet is /64).


Has anyone set anything like this up?  I'm not sure what settings I should be using.



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