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Cannot access external webmail server over port 2096 since Internet Box 2 firmware update november

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I can't access my USA hosted webmail or IMAP server over port 2096 (https)  since november 16 2019.


Config: Outlook 2016-Windows 10 v 1909 -InternetBox 2 with firmware 10.03.50/10.03.48/01507 ADSL and Booster


I suspect the firmware update for the Internet Box 2 mid november 2019


Temporary workarounds were:

1.If I engage a VPN it works.

2.From 4 other EU countries it also works (same PC hardware/software, different router and ISP)

3.via cellular network hotspot it works

4.Moving email Copies from the USA server to a Bluewin mailbox via an allways-on-PC running OUtlook rules


I ruled out the following other suspects:

a) a windows update 1903 to 1909 in november 2019

b) possible wrong TSL SSL settings in Windows 10 v 1909 or outlook

c) trying different hardware: 3 PC's,  2 laptops, 2 Ipads and 1 iphone

c) wrong outlook server settings

d)The USA hosted webmail/IMAP mail hosting company  (Directnic) was thoroughly checked three times over and pointed to probable port blocking by Swisscom or in the router/firewall. Timeout settings were ruled out. Pings and tracerts from CH to US work.


In CH I can access the mail server via cellular network via Iphone / Ipad IOS 9 and IOS 12.


It also worked again, but only  Temporarily,  via Swisscom internet box 2 between  januari 20 - 28  2020, then died again.


After 3 months and 10 unsuccesful phonecalls to Swisscom support and several days of troubleshooting I am now calling in the wisdom of the crowd and of Swisscom expertise to resolve this/


Any other people with the same problem?




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Maybe the current firmware of Internet-Box blocks the Domain / Server-Location of your Service.

To check this, please call 0800 800 800 shortly and ask if they can check if there is a problem with your firmware.




Freundliche Grüsse, Dominik
Cordial salids, Dominik
Cordialement, Dominik
Cordiali saluti, Dominik

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I have called 0041 800 800 800 and after some discussion support promised to put the pre november Internet Box 2 (link to the) firmware on the website, where now only the release notes for older firmware versions can be found, not the (link to the) firmware itself.


By the way, to further clarify the problem.


When logging in to my US webmail mailbox over port 2096 I get the following reply:


"Can't connect securely to this page


This might be because the site uses outdated or unsafe TLS security settings....."



When trying to sync my IMAP mailboxes over ports 993 and 465. I get the following reply:


"Task xxx - Sending reported error (0x800CCC1A): Your server does not support the connection encryption type you have specified.try changing the encryption method....etc.


Of course I did try all other encryption types but all of this works perfectly well in 4 other (EU and UK) countries with the same PC hardware/software only other ISPs and router hardware AND it also works IN CH  on Ipad/IOS via hotspot over the 4G cellular network. It just does not work on Swisscom Internet with Internet Box 2 since nov 16 2019.


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As far as firmware errors are concerned, I can't help you right now, because the problem is relatively difficult to reproduce.


But you can try your luck again at the hotline and tell them that you want to talk to the second level support. They should be able to solve your problem with the old / new firmware.

Freundliche Grüsse, Dominik
Cordial salids, Dominik
Cordialement, Dominik
Cordiali saluti, Dominik

Hat's geholfen? Duume drücke. War's die Lösung? Häckli drücke.
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