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inOne with number of days roaming

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I've tried a couple of times to ask Swisscom about this but not really got an answer I understand.

There's a couple of InOne packages that probably have the amount of roaming data I'd use. But they are fixed for a number of days. I've asked Swisscom and it's clear any roaming data on a day would use that day up.

I live maybe 20km in a line from the French border and work in the mountains. It's quite normal even near my home that my phone switches to a French network. I'm over in France one day a week and out of Switzerland a couple of times a month to other places.

I've asked Swisscom about that and they tell all I need to do is turning off roaming unless I'm out of Switzerland. That seems a lot of trouble, I wanted a contract with roaming so I didn't need to switch SIMs or mess with my phone settings. And, I suspect I'd forget to turn the roaming back off when I return from France.

The latest tip from Swisscom is that all I need to do is turn off automatic network selection. Either I don't understand this or they don't! Obviously, if I do that, go to France then I'll have to turn automatic selection on or select a network and then turn it off. The operator today was adamant I'd not understood but I entirely failed to see why!

I'd rather just use my phone like it's intended, just stick it in my pocket and look at it from time to time. It's a mobile phone, I'd want to be mobile.

The roaming seems astronomic in price, it working without friction doesn't seem too much to expect.

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Hello @iansp

 I understand you "want to be mobile". The tricky part is if you live near the French border and don't disabled roaming or/and select the networt automatically when you are in Switzerland, the risk is your smartphone switch to a French network and use a roaming day included in your subscription. 

 An alternative would be to go for a 365 days roaming included bundle.

 Hope it helps,

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thanks for the reply.

I'm sorry, I've got to say that paying CHF 1440 per year for a few GB of roaming data is more than I can afford.

I think those of us near the borders are getting a pretty poor deal. Everyone coming the other way gets to roam free in Switzerland on their contracts which are way, way cheaper anyway.

I doubt this pricing model will last indefinitely. My contract is up in June, I'll have to take the Salt offer because I need a service that is flexible and that I can afford to use. But I suspect this won't last even that long.

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