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Swisscom lowers roaming tariffs

Community Manager
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With the new inOne mobile go, roaming charges no longer apply for Swisscom customers in Europe: calls, texts and surfing are now unlimited in 39 countries within Europe. What’s more, even customers who do not yet have a subscription with a European roaming data allowance will also be able to surf for much less from 1 April, when prices will again decrease substantially outside the EU and overseas:

The largest decrease can be seen in the ‘World 1’ zone (61 countries/destinations), which includes large parts of South America, Eastern Europe and Asia, as well as the USA, Canada and Australia. In this zone, the cost of existing packages is decreasing by as much as 38%. In addition, Swisscom is launching a 10 GB package for all customers with inOne mobile Go and inOne mobile premium. This amounts to a 70 percent saving per gigabyte when compared to the lowest price available up to now. 


You can read more about the changed roaming tariffs in Swisscom's media release.


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