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New Telecommunications Act: roaming change creates more cost security

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Dear Community,


We are changing our products to make it easier and clearer to make calls and surf abroad as of 1 July 2021. The main difference: more cost security for you.


What is new from 1 July?

  • Packages for surfing, making calls and sending SMS/MMS are now valid for 12 months rather than 30 days so you have more time to use the volume you purchased.
  • Calls abroad will now be charged to the exact second so you only pay for the actual call time rather than started minutes. You will be charged for the first 30 seconds of outgoing calls and then billed by the second thereafter.
  • As well as setting a limit for data use abroad, you can also now set a limit for calls and SMS/MMS. You can set both limits at any time in Swisscom Cockpit, giving you better protection from high roaming costs and ensuring your data usage and costs stay under control when you use your mobile phone abroad.
  • The new legislation means mobile services are no longer available on ships and planes, as these networks do not support real-time billing. You can only surf, call and send messages when you are connected to the WLAN and using a messaging service. As long as you have a connection to the mobile network on land, your mobile phone will still work as normal on the ship.
  • You can no longer call local business numbers abroad but Swiss short-dial and value-added service numbers, such as 0800 800 800, will now be available.


Do I need to do anything?

  • You have a Mobile subscription with an allowance for abroad (data, minutes, SMS/MMS): as long as you have allowance left, you can continue to surf, make calls and send messages during your holidays, worry-free. The roaming adjustments do not affect your allowance.
  • You will only have to purchase a package to use your mobile phone abroad once you have used all your data, call minutes or SMS/MMS (or if your subscription does not include an allowance for abroad).

With or without a data allowance in your Mobile subscription: from 1 July, you need to set your roaming limits for calls/SMS/MMS and surfing in the Swisscom Cockpit under “Costs” before you set off. You can also adjust the limits later in the Swisscom Cockpit. Access to the Cockpit is free of charge and does not use roaming credit.


Find out on this page what else is changing from 1 July 2021. Do you have any questions or comments? Please feel free to have your say and engage with the Swisscom Community.

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Could you please describe exactly what will change in following (current) context, because having half on something unlimited means unlimited:


- UE/West Europe: 40 GB/month 

- phone/sms/mms: unlimited


- rest of the world: 100 MB/month

- 1000 msg/month



Black Mamba
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thanks for contribution


this equivalent post on the Community in German should answer the request

to read and translate if necessary


Änderungen bei Roaming-Angeboten – Seite 2 | Swisscom Community


" The adjustment only relates to the roaming limit. In other words, everything that is used in addition to the included volume (news, minutes, data). And this limit can be adjusted at any time in the Swisscom Cockpit. Your inclusive volume remains unchanged. Warm wishes CorinaS" 


" Regardless of the subscription (with or without inclusive units), you could already set a cost limit in the cockpit. This limit came into effect when activities are carried out in the roaming area that cause additional costs, i.e. are not included. So far this was one limit for everything, now there are two limits that can be managed separately. For customers who have already entered a limit, this value is divided equally between the new limits, but can of course be changed at any time. There is NO change to the included units, only the protection against high roaming costs is further refined and can thus be influenced in more detail. ThomasS"

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Hello @Stauthaumpeust48


You will continue to enjoy your 40 GB data per month and unlimited phone and SMS for the European Union/Western Europe, respectively 100 MB an 1'000 SMS per month outside EU/Western Europe.


You can check the roaming tariffs on this link: 


Hope it helps!

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Hello. So, with simple words what that mean according to my subscription? I have 40 GB montly in roaming, and all the rest - calls, mms, sms are unlimited. 

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Do we already know the pricing for the new Travel Voice Option. 60 Minutes for one year at what price?

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Hello @Priepiennauld95


All the infos about the new Travel Voice 12 months will be available from 1 July.


Thank you for your patience.



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the new Telecommunications act, in its art.10b.3, specifies that satellite roaming should be made available as a separate option, independently of other roaming changes:


on the other hand, on your web page


you write that you are totally switching off satellite roaming and do not mention any possibility to turn it back on.


Do you plan to maintain a possibility of satellite roaming? I need this feature.

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As mentioned by @CorinaS in the german part of our community:


@CorinaS  wrote:


Es ist so: Mit einem Satellitentelefon ist keine Echtzeitabrechnung möglich, weshalb keine Kostenlimite garantiert werden kann. Dies wird jedoch per 1.7. vorgeschrieben. Ausserdem verwenden nur sehr wenige Kund*innen ihre SIM-Karte in einem Satellitentelefon, welches auch anderweitig abgerechnet werden kann. Deshalb hat sich Swisscom aufgrund der neuen Regulierungsanforderung  entschieden, die Abrechnung via SIM-Karte nicht mehr anzubieten. Ich hoffe, diese Antwort hilft dir weiter. Liebe Grüsse!


To transalte this:

Real-time billing is not possible with a satellite phone, which is why no cost limit can be guaranteed. However, this will be mandatory as of 1.7. In addition, very few customers use their SIM card in a satellite phone, which can also be billed in other ways. Therefore, due to the new regulatory requirement, Swisscom has decided to no longer offer billing via SIM card.


Gruess, Cordial salids, Cordialement, Cordiali Saluti, Cheers!

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Hi all,


I have also be surprised about the end of roaming on cruise ships and aircrafts. Swisscom has always been the provider that had the most roaming agreement around the globe, so it is a bit surprising. Moreover, the market of cruises/flights is always keeping growing (obviously before COVID-19) fast. 


As I said on the German speaking forum, Sunrise offer the option to deactivate Satellite connections for a while now, directly in the cockpit. 

We will see if the arguments of Swisscom are true about the technical considerations by observing the behaviour of the competitors. 

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I just discussed this issue with customer support, and they have told me that those roaming changes would not affect my subscription inOne mobile XS.

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