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Overdue invoices, cancelled contract

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A friend of mine has/had a swisscom mobile contract for a while now, but she had a couple of overdue invoices. First her outgoing service, then the whole mobile service got suspended.

Two weeks ago she went to the local swisscom store, where se received a cheque for the overdue payments. She paid it on that day. After 1-2 days she received another invoice by mail, which was aprox. 100chf higher than usual. She paid it aswell.

The swisscom sales rep told her on the first occasion, she will be charged for 50-100chf to turn back on her number. So she tought that's it.

She waited a few days, nothing happened. She visited the swisscom shop again, where they informed her, she has to call a number, to reactivate her line. Obviously she couldn't do it without her phone, so she had to wait for a friend to lend her a phone. She called the number, where they informed her, that the number will be active in 24-48 hours.

After 2 days, nothing happened, so she called them again, and now they informed her, that the contract is cancelled, her number is reserved, and she has to pay 500chf extra to reactivate it.

So my question is: How is it possible, that the sales rep at the Swisscom shop didn't inform her about this situation? Why she got 2-3 times false informations about the situation? How is it possible? Is there any solution?

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Hello @Xero


I am sorry if your friend did not receive all the information she needs.


Every customer is responsible to settle its invoices on time. There is always a possibility to contact us to find a solution


If the contract of your friend has been cancelled, the CHF 500.- deposit you mentioned is a security for us. This guarantee can be refunded after 12 months.


For further assistance, I invite your friend to contact our finance service at 0800 800 800.




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