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Huawei Contract and the impact on US Ban on companies to work with the product

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Good Morning,


I recently joined the Huawei community and unfortunately, the U.S.A recently imposed a ban on the company because of security threats and the 5G network. I have been researching and the news states that we will not be able to get anymore google updates etc for our devices. What plan or alternative strategy does Swisscom have for its new Huawei customers concerning this because it is not our fault and it is unfair to pay for a service we aren't receiving if the ban is implemented? Will we be allowed to cancel our contracts (no additional charge) or change devices (no additional charge)?  Thank you and I look forward to a response.





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Community Manager
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Good morning @CAPE


Thank you for your message. I understand your concern.


According to Huawei, they will continue to provide security updates and after-sale services to all smartphones and tablets already sold and currently available.


You will be able to continue to use your Huawei phone as you normally would.


For more information, you can contact Huawei directly


I wish you a nice weekend


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