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Contract highly poor experience with customer care

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Dear Swisscom 
I have never renewed my contract with you so i am shock to see that with out my permission you have renew my contract for additional 2 years I have clearly given request to change my subscriber to sunrise as I am not happy with u services. I am paying 80 chf per month if I have a contract I pay 70 chf.
I visited your store to raise a complaint but no help and terrible handling then they again ask to call hotline which even after wasting my 23 min where of no help and i have to repeat a same sentence more then 15 time still she was not able to assist me properly, i clearly told i never got an email and i was in india and why i would suffer for mistake of your team member i want to switch to sunrise. let me know proper detail of this as i am not at all keen to bear additional financial burden for terrible mistake of your customer care team
Plz do not call and repeat same thing for 25 minutes and provide the same solution without understanding a customer point and I do not want you loyalty bonus such a shame on your customer service for providing wrong information and backstabbing me 
It has been 21 days no solution. Highly shameful