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Search engines: Is Google the only one that counts?

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Which search engine do you use?



Is a particular feature especially important to you? Are you tired of seeing adverts for a product 10 minutes after you searched for it? Perhaps you just want an easy life and use Google out of habit?


Swisscom is committed to data protection and sustainability – which is why we want to recommend search engines such as Startpage, DuckDuckGo and Ecosia. And to ask you: what alternatives do you know and use?


We look forward to a lively discussion.

liebe Grüsse, bien cordialement, cari saluti, best regards
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No replies, no comments, no opinions!!!!


Dropped Google search when DuckDuck started ...perfect, have not been back to Google search since.

Google-translate works quite well (esp. German -> English)

Google-OR-Tools ...just getting started, but promising.


Bing image-search is surprisingly good! 100% success on the half-dozen times I used it (strange butterfly, obscure door-hinge, coax-plugs/sockets) ...paste a photo and be prepared for amazing accuracy.




Black Mamba
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> Whaaaaat? No replies, no comments, no opinions!!!!


YES full of answers and proposals 😀

but mainly on the Community in German and a little in French

on the Community in Italian no reaction yet

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