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New community reward system!

Community Manager
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Hello dear Community User


From now on, the Swisscom community has a new reward system. It replaces the existing one, which linked ranks and badges in a non-transparent way. Finally something simple.😊


What's new?

As a Swisscom Community User, you have been newly divided into a level. In addition, you will also receive special badges for special services.


How do I get to the next level?
If you perform within the points below, we will reward you with promotion to the next level.

  • New topics created
  • Posts written
  • Solutions written
  • Likes received
  • Likes given

In your profile page, you can see what you still need to perform to advance to the next level.


If you have any questions or ambiguities, please feel free to contact us:

Swisscom Mitarbeiter im Bereich Social Media & Community Management.
Employé Swisscom dans le domaine Social Media & Community Management.
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